iMapp Bucharest 2015 Mapping


This is “Modern Mythical Machine”, the piece we created for iMapp Bucharest. The biggest mapping contest in the world. With 104 projectors we had the opportunity of lighting up the second largest building of the world, the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest. A massive display of 60 000 sq. ft. of projection surface to celebrate the anniversary of the city.

Esta es “Maquina Mítica Moderna”, la pieza que creamos para el festival de Mapping más grande del mundo: iMapp Bucharest. Con 104 proyectores tuvimos la oportunidad de iluminar el segundo edificio más grande del mundo, el Palacio del Parlamento en Bucarest. Un display masivo de mas de 5, 500 metros cuadrados.

Animation, concept and Design by AVA

Music by: Alejandro Basulto
Recorded with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra

Sound Design: Omar Blanco